Welcome to the future of Pet Grooming, P. J. Noah PetSchool!

P. J. Noah PetSchool was created to help improve an industry which touches so many lives at so many levels.  It’s not business as usual at P. J. Noah PetSchool, but rather practicing in a manner and in an environment where higher standards should be and eventually will be the norm. We believe what you learn, where you learn it and from whom you learn it, matters.  We believe that everyone deserves a learning environment in which they not only learn while having fun, but one that the student can picture themselves succeeding.  Our school is not just about pet grooming. It’s about pets, the petparents, our community and our role in pet rescue efforts by creating the right habits and approach to each pet and their parents. From the class room to the Lab, and from our receptionist to our CEO, we only have one goal: To help improve the pet industry one pet at a time!  One Student at a time!

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