P. J. Noah PetSchool

P. J. Noah PetSchool was created to help make an industry better that touches so many lives at so many levels. It’s not business as usual at P. J. Noah PetSchool, but rather practicing in a manner and in an environment where “USUAL” should be and eventually will be the norm.

We believe that what you learn, where you learn it and who you learn it from matters.  We believe that everyone deserves a learning environment in which they not only learn while they are having fun, but one that they can picture themselves succeeding in.  It’s not just about pet grooming.

  1. It’s more about Pets, their parents, our community.  It’s about our role in the pet rescue efforts.
  2. It’s about creating the right habits and approach to each pet and their parents.
  3. It’s about making the pet industry better one groom at a time!

To achieve excellence, we believe in providing innovative learning opportunities with advanced technology.  We foster responsibility and self-worth through content standards and personal achievement.  We give our students the essential tools to become role models and leaders in the exciting profession of Pet Styling, to be effective communicators, and to successfully reach their personal goals.

We will offer a unique student experience designed to last a lifetime. We will aim to raise the industry standard in a revolutionary approach to pets with their owners in mind, and strive to achieve new heights.