Pet Insurance

Like all PetParents, We believe that pets are cherished members of any family. We foster social awareness and education for better pet care and we are committed to not only inspire but to reward responsible pet ownership.

Just like our own medical expenses, Veterinarian costs can be also as expensive, and should be budgeted for. Just like any sudden expense, when a catastrophic injury or health concern arises for our pet, at times, it can be difficult to cover these expenses.

A well insured pet is a well loved one

Pet insurance can make all the difference when helping with these costs and because of our commitment to working in partnership in our community and with our petparents, for their pet’s health and happiness, we are happy to provide a 5% discount on grooming services to petparents who know things can go wrong, that pets do get sick and emergency situation can happen at any time, even for their pet, and carry pet health insurance for their beloved pets.

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Pet insurance card or certificate must be presented at the time of services. 5% discount will be only for the 1st pet and the maximum discount on any pet can’t exceed 15%. For more detail contact a P. J. Noah PetSalon near you.