Loving your pet doesn’t necessarily end with kissing and hugging or even petting! Loving can be shown also by combing and brushing. In fact one of the first things you learn when you begin grooming, is how to brush your pet properly.  When pets are professionally groomed, all coat types get brushed as part of the grooming process.  At John Paul PetSalon, we encourage our clients to brush their pets daily and educate them on the proper brush and brushing techniques for their pet’s coat type.  Brushing short haired breeds is just as important as brushing long haired breeds.

Brushing, rids the pet’s coat of dirt, dander (dead skin cells), dead coat, or tangles, plus brushing stimulates the oils in the skin, leaving the pet with shiny healthy coat and skin.  Even hairless breeds should be brushed with a rubber curry or chamois so that their skin gets stimulated.  The type of brush used is based on the breed of dog, coat type, and length of coat.  Brush selection is also dependent on which area of the dog’s body you would be brushing.   That is why there are many types of brushes, carders, shedders, de-matters etc…  Learn to love your pet even more at John Paul PetSchool!

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