Is $45 too much or $65?

Is $45 too much or $65…for a small to medium size pet’s bath and a groom? Not that tough of a question to answer.  It really depends on what you get for $65 vs what you get for $45!!!  Here at JPPS, for approx. $65 (give or take a little), you get not only oatmeal shampoo from John Paul Pet Premium line of shampoos, hand washed into your pet’s coat and skin TWICE, but also get the Oatmeal conditioner TWICE and a facial with Puppy Tearless.  In addition, you get the fresh package, meaning the fresh Smile (teeth brushing) and Fresh ends (glands expression) as well as nail clipping and filing and ear cleaning, pads & Sani and much much more. All of that with purified water that nourishes your pet’s skin and coat. They are then all towel dried, blow dried, fluff dried and if need be ambient air dried, followed by a breed cut if so you choose!

A bath and a groom that we call a “Celebrity Make Over”, that actually lasts longer.  What would you pay for a “Celebrity Make Over” like that?  Call for your individual pricing and make sure you get your money’s worth. Prices are for regularly maintained and groomed pets, free of matts with manageable behavior and temperament. It’s also based on Breed, Coat type, weight and are subject to change without prior notice. Proof of vaccinations (especially rabies) are required.

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