There is typically a grooming cycle that you need to maintain, when it comes to your dog’s hygiene, cleanliness and overall appearance. Whether is it visiting your grooming salon weekly, bi-monthly or like most, every 4-6 weeks.  There are even some who only need to visit their grooming salon every other month, and a few that need it only 2 or 3 times a year. Whatever cycle you are on, you can’t ignore the denial week. DSCN3362If you were to break down the periods in between groomings into weeks, the 1st week typically feels great since your pet looks amazing and smells fresh.  That’s when pictures are taken, Facebook’s updated, there’s oohing & aweing in the air because they just look so darn adorable.

2nd week starts when things settle down a bit and just the usual hugs and kisses are exchanged. 3rd week is when the warning signs start appearing. You know… the shaggy look, matts or even a little smell here & there.

Now the 4th week! Or what we like to refer to as the denial week.  This is when you use phrases like…“Where’s your cute little face?” or “what happened to you, you were just groomed” or “why are you so smelly?” 5th to 6th week….. is when typically you can’t stand it anymore, especially when you no longer see your pets beautiful eyes or you aren’t sure if you want them sleeping in the bed with you and that’s when the majority of pets start the grooming cycle again.

The good news is that whether the denial week for your pet comes on the 3rd or 4th week or later, at John Paul PetSalon, the denial week happens even later than that because our baths last longer, leaving your pet smelling fresh longer, and an overall style that stays beautiful longer.

What’s our secret you ask? Having a professionally trained pet care specialist hand-wash your pet with John Paul Pet Oatmeal Shampoo & Conditioner, massaging it into your pet’s coat and body with purified water twice, followed by hand drying, blowout and fluff drying with a “Celebrity Make Over” performed by professionally trained pet stylists that lasts a long time!  That’s how. Now call (855) JPPS Now or (855)577-7669 and make an appointment to experience the difference.

John Paul PetSalon,
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