Got Questions?

Do you have questions about the cost, or tuition, of P. J. Noah Petschool? Browse the list of commonly asked questions below. If you don’t see an answer to your questions, please send us an email or give us a call us to talk to one of our advisors.

1Why Pet Grooming?

Do you love animals? Are you a creative individual and wished you could do more? More for you, more for animals and more for your community and rescue shelters? Look no further… Get trained to be certified Pet Care Specialist or Professional Pet Groomer and then, apply your creativity, passion and your expertise by making your beloved animals look better while making a great income. Pet grooming is one of the most rewarding and exciting careers that the pet industry has to offer. Worldwide the pet care industry is one of the fastest growing industries. And because this industry is expanding so rapidly, well trained professional bathers and groomers are in high demand.This demand for industry services is expected to heighten as the number of pet owners rises. Pet ownership has been on the rise over the past two decades, which is one of the main reasons for this industry’s growth. Empty nesters, single professionals, and couples who delay having children are the primary purchasers of companion pets. We expect the demand for well-trained and certified Pet Stylists and assistants will be on the rise, so will be the resources to handle the wave of new pet owners.

2Why P. J. Noah PetSchool?

Imagine yourself in the future, by visiting a P. J. Noah Petschool.

Our approach to pets in our PetSalons are with the PetParents in mind. Our approach to our students in P. J. Noah PetSchool is with the student’s success in mind. We believe in creating a culture of success through dedication and hard work while balancing family, work, and school. We also believe that education should be stimulating and fun, with a positive, nurturing, learning environment. We teach essential core standards and use a variety of teaching methodologies, including classroom and hands-on-training so that our programs are adaptable to the individual student’s learning style from a diverse population. From the classroom to the Lab, and from our receptionist to our CEO, we only have one goal: To improve the pet industry one pet at a time! One Student at a time!

3Where will I work?

Students who graduate from our programs will be able to gain entry-level positions as Pet Care Specialists, Brusher / Bathers, Groomers, and Stylists for independent grooming salons, veterinarian hospitals, all care facilities as well as possible career with companies such as P. J. Noah Petschool and others. You may even decide to open an owner operated in-home grooming business, mobile grooming business, or your own private salon.

4How do I get a job?

Our program not only teaches the core standards for pet care and grooming, we also provide our students the essential skills, knowledge, and hands-on-training necessary to obtain employment in the pet industry. Our hands-on-training is fun and exciting. Our students will learn the required job skills and will be well prepared when they graduate, ready to enter the workforce.

5How do groomers get paid?

Groomers get compensated in a variety of forms depending on the company. It can vary from hourly wages to commission based, or a combination of both based on experience and expertise. We offer other classes that may interest the hobbyist, rescue and/or shelter workers, and Vet Techs. All bathers and groomers agree that working with pets is one of the most rewarding careers they have ever experienced!

6Can I learn it as a hobby?

Why not? While our programs are designed for individuals looking for the best education available to start their exciting career as a professional pet groomer, we encourage anyone that has a genuine love for animals and would like to gain the necessary skills to groom them safely and humanely to join our program. In addition, we will offer other classes that may interest the hobbyist.

7Will I know everything about pet grooming when I finish my course?

Because our program teaches to the highest standards of education available in the pet grooming industry, we believe this gives all our students the opportunity to learn not only the fundamental skills of pet grooming, but in addition, gives our students the competitive edge to be successful in today’s job market.

8What are the steps for me to become a pet groomer?

If you’re reading this you are on the right track. Attend and complete P. J. Noah Petschool Pet Grooming course and Practice, practice & practice your way into the great world of professional pet grooming and Industry.

9Where Do I Start?

Contact P. J. Noah PetSchool, set up a tour and interview, fill out an enrollment application with applicable fees, then start at the next available start date!

10How much does it cost?

A quality all breed grooming education can run up to $15,000. P. J. Noah PetSchool offers an exceptionally priced program courses that offer a complete guide to pet grooming. Please contact us today to find out how you can take advantage of our valuable programs.

11Financing available?

While financial aid is currently not available, we offer a payment plan. 50% is due when your application is accepted, and the balance is due within two weeks after classes start.

12Forms of payment?

P. J. Noah PetSchool accepts all customary forms of payment which includes cash, check, or credit card.

13How long does it take?

Our programs courses are designed to complete every 12 weeks per tier. And most students will be able to gain the necessary skills for an entry-level position within the first 6 to 8 weeks of training.

14Must I attend fulltime or can I attend part-time?

The main program courses are designed to attend fulltime so that you may graduate 6-7 months and get started on your exciting new career! However, part-time attendance is available. Integral core segments are repeated throughout the year so that part-time students have the ability to make up segments they may have missed.

15Do I get a certificate?

A certificate of completion is issued upon completion of each program course tier or class.

16Do you help with job placement?

Our graduates are in high demand and therefore companies seek out our students and graduates. Check out your local groomers wanted ads!

17Do I get hands-on experience?

P. J. Noah PetSchool students get quality hands-on-training experience, including the opportunity of working one-on-one with an instructor on many pets, as well as a team, and small group learning experiences. Our students work on beautiful pure breed and mixed breed dogs and cats and gain excellent handling skills while working with rescue pets and rescue shelters.

18Where is the school?

We are located in beautiful sunny Southern California. The main campus and admissions office is at 32861 Camino Capistrano #F in San Juan Capistrano, Ca. 92675. In addition, the satellite locations in the P. J. Noah Petschool are located in Lake Forest and Laguna Niguel California.

19Do I have to buy tools?

To start our program courses, unlike most schools, our learning lab/salons provide all the grooming tools you will need while you are attending. We do have a student store with a variety of books and supplies for those who wish to make additional purchases. We do recommend for the advance styling classes that students purchase their own personal styling shears and we will be happy to guide you through those purchases at our student store.

20How can I get more info?

Call us today at 949-577-7669. visit our website,

21Can I visit the school?

Yes, please call and we will be happy to schedule a tour. 949-577-7669

22As a student, can I bring my pet to school?

You can get permission to bring your pet to school by notifying your instructor in advance so that he / she may choose an appropriate date at a lab satellite salon location. You will be charged the customary salon fee for your pet’s weight, breed, and coat type and for the service selected, at a discount. As a reminder, all pets must have proof of vaccination documentation.

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