Mission Statement

P. J. Noah PetSchool provides innovative learning opportunities with advance technology.  We foster responsibility and self-worth through content standards and personal achievement.

We give our students the essential tools to become role models and leaders in the exciting profession of Pet Styling, to be effective communicators, and to successfully reach their goals!

To our people we promise:

  • To offer a great environment to learn in.
  • To be fair and respectful to all.
  • To not only offer great information, but also to pursue new ways to help balance school, work and home.
  • To be there when it counts.
  • To help our people grow with us or away from us!

To our students we promise:

  • To offer a great experience.
  • To be fair, respectful and attentive.
  • To not only offer a great learning environment, but also to pioneer in finding new ways to help strengthen our relationship.
  • To be highly ethical, trustworthy, and competitive.
  • To inspire the spirit of each and every student.

To our community we promise:

  • To play an active role in our communities.
  • To be fair and respectful and to mirror our markets.
  • Not to only offer great values, but to continuously find new ways to help our communities become a little better every day.
  • To be there when it counts.